Good News and Bad News……….

Beverley 2013

First of all I think an apology is in order!

My last posting did not intend to give the collectors of vinyl records a hard time. In fact I think it is a top hobby and like most of us I have a few ‘gems’ under the bed (awaiting a device to play them on) myself. All I was trying to say was I could not see the point of a new release on vinyl….thats all…..sorry!!!

I guess we should start with the bad news. As I think we all know now Mike Harding is on his way out of his regular BBC Radio 2 folk and acoustic show. His last show will be on Boxing Day and he will be missed by us all. I am not about to get into why and it should not happen etc. I would just like to say “thank you Mike” from all us folkies. I’m sure this will not be the last we hear from the great man. Come the new year I will be doing a whole posting pointing you in the direction of his past recordings which you should not miss. But for now, good luck Mike.

Serious head on for a mo…….one of my Twitter pals and a jolly good folk singer to boot, Louise Hamilton @flamingjuneuk is raising awareness about domestic violence. She has her own blog which can make uncomfortable reading but read it I think you should and offer any views you think fit. I will post a link soon following the confirmation of the details. She will also have a new EP out in the new year plus a video!!! If you fancy a bit of acting you could be in it, please contact her Twitter account for more.

Annie (Mr G’s PA) is going to let me know how much she enjoyed (or not) her visit to a Kate Rusby gig…watch this space.

I managed to catch the Saw Doctors in Leeds last Friday and a tip top concert it was too. They played their first CD (If this is rock and roll I want my old job back) from start to finish. What a night! As usual we had the age range 8 to 80 and that ear wax clearing volume…..belting night!!!

As you can see from the top of this posting we have the dates for Beverley F.F. For your diary and summat to look forward to.

Loads of news to come so see you soon…Phil, @folktalkinfolk and if you have urgent info 07563949114


Am I missing a point….?

This, I’m sure, will be a ‘back to the old days’ kind of post but am I only person who thinks like this?

I read with interest that Seth Lakeman’s new album will soon be released on vinyl, why? Back in the day, you did your paper round or Sat job, got your ten bob and off to HMV you went. Then a rush back home to play your latest sounds on the Dansette. This was a wooden box (came in several colours) containing your turntable, speakers, (in mono) etc. It had  one knob for on/off, volume and one for tone, ace! As your wages grew and hi-tech marched on we bought hi-fi seperates still with the turntable for bobbing your 12″ lump of plastic on for a good listen. If you went within 10 feet of the little bugger it jumped to the next track along with more hisses and buzzes than you can chuck a stick at. Why did we buy these? Cos we had nowt else and you had to keep up with them next door. OK, I’m going on a bit but look at the choices we have today. You can run a marathon with 10,000 tracks strapped to your arm with not a jump, pop or hiss. Fantastic ‘very’ hi-fi sound etc, etc. So why the hell are we going back to the enjoyable but dark ages? Good on Seth if it makes him a few extra bob but I cannot see the point. By the way, it is a very good album and a review will come soon

Just a short post to get back into the swing, Annie and Mr G (who has not been too well of late) will be examining this post to make sure it is down to my usual low standard!

Have loads of news, links to other very supportive sites to come so see you all soon for more drivel. Before I go I must tell you a new album by David Hope is out soon so lots to look forward to in early 2013. Bye for now, Phil. @folktalkinfolk..