I am not about to do a ‘Septic Peg’ and guess what 2013 holds…..

All the same, “Happy New Year” to one and all. One thing I will do is place a bet that 2013 is going to be drier but I could be wrong!!!!

First, a quick catch up from ‘our Annie’ who (lucky girl) managed to catch the Bristol leg of the Kate Rusby ’20’ tour. The 20 meaning 20 years on the road!!!

Anyway, take it away Annie :-

Colston Hall, Bristol, 13th December.

If you think the likes of Wham or Slade have the perfect compilation of festive tunes you clearly have not seen or heard Kate Rusby at Christmas. Kate is a folk singer of the highest order from deepest South Yorkshire and in addition to those tunes she has a warm heart and many a story to tell which she shares with all on a regular basis and you never tire of hearing them, just super!

Kate opens with a rendition of ‘Cranbrook’ which is interesting in itself as three versions of ‘While Shepherds Watch’ in different guises appear throughout the set.

She also performs ‘Little Town of Bethlehem’ then tells the story of the school nativity play and playing the part of Angel Gabriel required wings which her mum kindly made from feathers from the family cushions.

Post interval Kate appears clutching yet another ‘cuppa’ as well as scarf and gloves and jokes that the heating could have been turned on a little earlier!

The highlight of the set was ‘Here We come a Wassailing’ and her ‘band’ from all corners of the country just add to the overall Rusby experience. All the people who came away from this concert were full of Christmas cheer and the enjoyment Kate Rusby has given us and best of all, we have another 20 to look forward to. I for one cannot wait and I bet she makes a great mum too!!!

Thanks to Annie for that.

It’s ‘plug time’ again.

I have had my ears on ‘Under a Banner’ for what must be getting on for a year now and I’m pleased to let you know that if you drop Adam a mail (underabanner@gmail.com) he would be very happy to help part you from a very small amount of money for one of those CD things full of ace tunes to boogy on down to. Seriously they are good.

At long last I seem to have all the contact details for Louise Hamilton aka Flaming June all in one place. As we know by now she wears several ‘hats’ so here goes.

Flaming June the band :- Twitter @flamingjuneuk (this will also reach her for her anti abuse work), http://www.flamingjune.co.uk. Her anti abuse blog, flamingjuneuk.wordpress.com. No doubt if I have missed owt she will let me know!!!

Just ‘afore’ I go I have a quick ‘One to Watch’. That should say, three to watch, ‘Said The Maiden’ are a trio of lady types with real belting voices and tunes to match. Catch them at http://saidthemaiden.blogspot.co.uk. Will do a ‘bio’ on them next post.

Last of all. Jools Hootnanny last night (new years eve), what a mix as usual but good to see the Dubliners with Gerry O’Connor standing in for ‘Banjo Barney’ a good choice if ever their was one!

Anyway have a great 2013, hope to catch you at a gig or festival this year and hows about a party for my 60th birthday!

Twitter:- @folktalkinfolk, Mail:- folktalkinfolk@gmail.com, Moan:- 07563949114


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