Belt and Braces

The sad news of the demise of HMV got me thinking (and that’s always bad news!).

Just for a while put on your ‘drug addict I must get a fix’ head on. So the people down the street go to the folk club or for a pizza every Monday without fail. I’m going down there to help myself. You get in and what do you take? Is it the 500+ collection of CD’s in the rack along one wall? Or is it the nice PC, Laptop or TV? It’s a ‘no brainer’ grab the laptop and hop it.

What the hell has that got to do with HMV? Well, two of the main reasons they have gone are our music buying habits. If we want that CD ‘in the flesh’ we go to that site on the interweb named after a long river. But more often than not we download it in the format of our choice. If we get round to it, it may get as far as our phone but that’s about it. Even when we upgrade our laptop the guys at PC Thingamybob transfer our not to be lost files over to the new machine before we give it to next door for the kids to play with. The same goes for our photo’s. One day I’ll print these off, but we never do. Your laptop or PC exits through the patio doors and so do your tunes and pic’s of Aunt Mauds 100th birthday party.

I will get to the point. For £40-£50 you can get yourself an external hard drive the size of a paperback book with enough storage space for a city centre library. To which you can send all those ‘never to be lost’ memories. Then all you have to do is use a few of those brain cells thinking of the best place to hide it!

When you get home following a great night at the folk club and your 60″ TV, XBox and laptop have gone you can rest easy in the fact that your contents insurance will take care of the hardware and your portable hard drive will take care of your memories.


Next week will see the return of gig listings, news of albums and EP’s just around the corner. Also hope to have an ‘essential album’ review.

So it’s love and best wishes from Mr G, Annie and myself, enjoy the folk awards!


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