I have a feeling you will not have seen one of these before?

Welcome back folks. We have a varied blog for you this week starting with the views on the first edition of the new BBC Folk Show and the explanation of this weeks blog tital.

Following one of our ‘power’ meetings here at FTF Towers Annie was told to go to the listening room with nothing more than headphones a bottle of Merlot and a long straw to give a good listen to the new show. She must have been very nice to Mr G to get that job. I only ever get a bottle of pop!….Over to Annie for her report…..

Bellowhead the energetic 11 strong band opened the show and, in all, played three numbers, 10,000 Miles, Lillibulero and the ever popular Roll the Woodpile Down. Replacing the ‘sacked’ Mike Harding (host of the show for some 15 years) is the nervous sounding Mark Radclffe. The Folk Show must go on and rumour has it that despite the publicity both are still good pals. The show remains true to it’s folk and acoustic traditions and in my opinion the live interviews and sessions give it a contemporary feel which I like.With a glass of Merlot in my hand I felt I was at the gig! Could Mike Harding have presented this new concept? Yes, did BBC Radio 2 want to play folk music while avoiding beard growth!!! Maybe.

Thanks for that Annie and hope you enjoyed your wine?

Now back to that strange tital to this weeks post.

Now take a look at the following photo….what do you see (apart from a well used case)?

A bouzouki…right? Wrong, take another gander…a bouzouki with half the strings missing? Wrong, now here is where the quality of photo does not help. Now go to the fifth fret and you can just spot a tuning peg. Yep you have got it, a bouzouki body with a five string banjo neck! A ‘banjolouki’? Well thats what Rosie @banjoloukiHQ says it’s called and is the proud owner and as far as she knows it started life just the way it is now. I would love to know how it sounds. Maybe one day. She is a first class ‘tweeter’ and well worth a ‘follow’ any day of the week.

Sorry must cut short here as I managed to delete first copy of this post so this is a ‘rush job’. Promised mentions and links in next post….bye for now.

Louki 1