Long Time No Blog!!

Hi all and thank you for your visit.

I must apologise for such a long lay off the keyboard. It is not for the lack of news on the folkie front but finding the time!

I start with all good intentions, with tons of this and that to pass on and up pops summat else to do. Of late, it is the preparation and  practicing for a return to performing and recording in 2014, but much more about that in the near future.

The main reason for this post is to inform you all about the sad passing of Annie Jay’s (@Annie_jay39) mum earlier this year. I’m sure all her followers on Twitter and readers of her welcome articles here at FTF Towers would join me in letting her know how sorry we are to hear such sad news and our thoughts are with her. It goes without saying if you need anything Annie just let us know! Also good wishes to Mr ‘G’ (our CEO) who I am sure must be a tower of strength.

Starting with our next post you will see a difference here at FTF. Along with ‘yours truly’ and the great contributions from ‘Annie Jay’ we will have ‘Fees Folder’ from ‘Fairport Fee’ (@Fairport_Fee) with her take and great knowledge of albums past. Plus ‘Julies Jottings’ (@barlowsgirl), who will bring you views and comments from someone new to folk music and the odd gig review (not always of the folk variety!) thrown in.

Mucho to look forward to.

Please send us any news you may have re festivals, gigs, albums, clubs, photo’s and good old gossip to :-

@folktalkinfolk, email folktalkinfolk@gmail.com, tel 07784023787 (from 1st Nov)